DIY Beta-SP to digital file conversion

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      I want to convert multiple Beta-SP (NTSC) tapes to uncompressed files on a dedicated hard drive. This is very expensive to do at local production facilities, where the hourly rate is about $125 – $150/hour, so I want to try and do it myself.

      Could anyone here recommend a workflow for doing this? I am using a mac with FCP.

      Also, since I need to rent a deck with some way of connecting to a mac, I’d be really grateful for any recommendations on what machine to consider, and if anyone is in the NYC area, a recommendation on where to rent one.

      Thanks for reading.

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      It shouldn’t cost $125 an hour for a post house to capture tape for you. It should be a flat rate of $30-$50 per tape.

      If you’re going to rent a deck, you need one with SDI and/or Component output. Then you connect it to an I/O card via SDI or Component. Then you need a RAID since you want to capture as Uncompressed. In my opinion, Uncompressed is unnecessary. Capture as ProRes422. You should still use a RAID, though.

      Once you have all that, you capture the tape using FCP in Log and Transfer.

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      Thanks for your quick, clear and highly informative reply. I appreciate it.

      Believe it or not, Rafik on Broadway quoted me the rate of $150/hour. Good to know this can be done much cheaper in your opinion. If you can suggest a post house that will do it for $30-50, wherever it might be, please let me know.

      Thanks again for your help.


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      Shooter’s Post and Transfer in Philadelphia. I’m almost positive a producer I did some work for had DVCPro HD tapes captured @ $30/tape.

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