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      Years ago, so long I cannot remember exactly when, I purchased a consumer camcorder. The second thing I did was find out about Videomaker magazine, and subscribed. The third thing I did was attend a couple of the Videomaker Expos in Burbank, Calif.

      The FOURTH thing I did was pursue wedding video production, purchase better cameras and devour every issue of VM. Finally, I became a know-it-all, quit my day job and went full-time as a professional independent video services provider. Shortly thereafter I discovered that not only should I continue working the wedding market, but I should start diversifying – moving into music instructional, product and service commercial video production, community and private event video, and special interest video, funeral, memorial and montage video production, projection services and more.

      This is my “hello” and marketing is one of my pet topics in the business of video. I blog about it, and I continue to try pretty much anything from guerrilla marketing techniques to standard and web site, to direct mail and bridal fairs: even going so far as to engage Facebook & Twitter to encourage and urge readers of video related resources, as well as the customers seeking their services, to not only improve their skills, but market themselves and successfully make money.

      Oh, and being a career journalist, I have the tendency to write longer posts and blogs than most of you guys. Sorry. Read what you will. Hopefully you will welcome me back again.

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      I’d be interested in your opinion on the best ways to generate exposure for my high school media program.

      David Franz

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      Can you post a link to your blog? πŸ˜€

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      Thanks, Aaron & David, for your interest. I have sent both of you PMs. Feel free to reply openly here, or PM, or even email to echessher@hotmail.com. As I told you guys, I don’t want to come on here and come off immediately (well, ever really) like Mr. Big Guy.

      I am looking for a new outlet to share and discuss video related matters, not religion, politics, or get into personality jousts. I’ve fallen off the horse in too many of those. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for checking me out.

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      I subscribed to your blog and will read it whenever I get the chance. I have dabbled in blogging, but I am typically a short and to the point poster, so blogs ending up being a couple lines.

      I’ll probably start reading your stuff now. πŸ™‚

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      I received no response to my PM to you, so either you have no further need for input, or have been too busy to reply. I only PM’d you in an effort to explain my very recent presence here and that I needed a better understanding of what your purpose/direction would be regarding generation of “exposure for (your) high school media program”. Hope the PM reply was clear, and that there were no misunderstandings.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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