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      I am a High School student with limited equipment. this is not a professional production by any means. my friends and i just like to make movies, and this is a career intrest of mine. feedback/ thoughts?

      P.S. as i have a limited number of youtube views, i cannot post over ten minutes so it is in two parts. thanks!

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      Cole, I did watch both parts and for a limited budget all I can say is not bad, not bad at all. It must have been pretty cool for your school to allow you to shoot after hours, obviously, there must have been supervision, but still pretty cool. Did they allow you access to the securityfootage or was those shots using a regular video recorder?

      I saw only one flaw in two places, when up on the stage and when you found the creature, it appears that you had white shirts on instead of the Black shirts in the well lit scenes; The continuity was broken.The only other suggestion would be to have the guards carring flash lights as most do, even during daylight hours.

      Keep up the good work,


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      hey thanks! it wasa really fun experiance and i certainly appriaciate the feedback. The white shirts were actually a result of using the nightshot plus feature on my handycam… the shirts were still black but in areas where there was light it made the shirts appear white. it was frusturating. and yes, my school did let us have access to the security footage. it was interesting trying to set up some of the shots when we could exactly know how it would turn out. thanks again for the feedback!

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