Displaying still images in HD on HDTV

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      My parents took pictures when I was a kid on slides, and viewing the slides on a high-quality screen was always a treat. Even after 30 years, the color and detail is still incredibly good, in my opinion.

      I want to be able to replicate that with digital photography.

      Since DVD is limited to 480p, viewing jpgs on an HDTV will be limited to 480p if they are burned on a CD or DVD, correct? What if they are stored on a memory card that is inserted directly into a TV memory card slot, like many of the Panasonics have. Will these pictures display in HD? Will any resolution over 1386×768 (or whatever the TV resolution is) be wasted, meaning that larger resolution will not impact the image quality? What if I connect my computer and view images this way, what kind of resolution should I expect? (a PC connection will be HD or at least HD capable depending on my videocard setting, correct?)

      Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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      Ran into a pretty knowledgeable guy at Tweeter who told me the following:

      Images would be in HD or the maximum TV resolution if I use a memory card or a firewire device, or possibly a computer or laptop. The latter option will depend on my video card and the resolution of the card. Higer resolutions than the max res of the TV are indeed “wasted”. Once I test these settings myself, I’ll update the thread.

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