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      I know that my camcorder records the date/time, and other metadata on the miniDV tape. I can also see that this data gets imported along with the video stream into my media files on my computer. I know this because if I copy a clip to my computer and back to the camcorder, the metadata is copied along with it.

      I am looking for software to extract this metadata and display it over the video image, much as it appears on the display of my camcorder if I turn this feature on.

      Does anyone know of some software that can do this? I edit on a Mac with both Final Cut Express, and iMovie. Is there a plugin for one of these programs that can do this? Is there a standalone solution? Something that works with quicktime pro?

      Thanks in advance,


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      Hi Steve,

      That’s an interesting question. It may be that Express doesn’t offer that feature. I’ll go check it out with both Express and Pro HD, and tell you what I find.


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