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      How do you out there display your finished product? Do you use printable disks, sticker labels or light scribe? What do you guys out there use for DVD holders?

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      I just got a lightscribe drive, and while it’s neat and all for some applications, I really like to do full color disc images.

      For this, I buy printable DVDs and print them on an inkjet printer. Because the ink will run when it gets wet, I spray the top layer of the DVD with a clearcoat spray paint (like the clearcoat you can buy in an auto part store paint department). It gives the disc a glossy finished look, and makes the image water resistant.

      Now, the "right way" would be to go and buy a thermal printer, but a thermal printe that’s able to print on 100% of the disc face in one shot costs a small fortune, so until I have it in the budget, the ol’ inkjet is the way I go.

      For cases, Sam’s club has a 50 pack of slim DVD cases for $12. Or I can go to office depot and spend that much for 10 standard DVD cases. Tough choice, right? πŸ™‚

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      [quote="compusolver"]I just checked with my "purchasing agent" – we get Ritek, hub-printable DVDs at $26 per 100. I never get coasters with Ritek. And we get ink cartridges for $3 apiece or $14 a set.[/quote]

      Could I ask where? I to have an Epson 220 and pay 14$ per cartrige and 26$ per 100 I’ve never seen before.

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