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      I am ready to purchase a MacPro desktop and am not sure if I need to spend the extra dollars on a Apple display – was looking at the 23″ Cinema HD display. Cost on it is about 859.00. I see it is a top seller on BHphotovideo and I’m sure it’s a great monitor but is it that much better than say a nice 24″ Samsung or other brand name monitor? Other monitors around the same size with about the same specs range from $499.00 on up. Anyhelp would be great!

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      The reason that you would want to get a Cinema Display is that it physically looks better than any other display on the market. In my opinion at least. If you would like to save some money the Dell displays have the same panels in them as the Apple displays. So they would have the same picture quality as the Apples. At about half the cost if memory serves. Samsung also makes great monitors.

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