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      Hello All,I am going to buy either a Dell XPS630 0r Dell XPS730XH2C. This computer will be used for everyday computing,gaming,video editing of High Definition.I am going to have four drives.Is the following a good configeration? Drive one:1.5TB partitioned into one partition for operating system,one partition for applications and programs,and one partition for My Documents.Drive two:1.5TB for capturing,loading,and editing.Drive three:1.5TB for capturing,loading,and editing.Drive 4:1.5TB for video storage.Thank you.

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      Well I guess everyone has their preferences for drives and things. I like the DELL you suggested though if I were you I’d hold off and see what they can offer in the Intel i7 920 CPU. Reports are good for price/performance value.

      I’m not a big fan of drive partitions, but I am a big fan of using seperate drives for programs, capturing/editing, storage. If it was me, I’d get a small drive for programs 500Gb is small now right? The two 1.5Tb’s should last a while but a fourth drive, I don’t know.

      I use a 200GB & 750GB in my computer, and the remainder of my drives are external eSata drives. I have a 500GB archive drive, and a750 for projects upcoming (captured stuff). Lastly I have two 1Tb drives that I do back ups on each month. I mean, at any given time I have a 1 Tb drive in the safety deposit box of my bank. Having all your drives in one case is like having all your eggs in one basket.

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