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      I am getting a “Disc Error”.This is a Sony DCR-DVD205. I am using new Sony mini dvd -R DVD. What am I up against? Any do yourself thoughts?

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      EarleH, some more information would probably help. Are you getting an error code on your camera (C:13, etc.)? Is it error codes on your computer or DVD player when you insert the mini-DVD? My brother-in-law used a DVD camcorder similar to this one. One thing that he experienced was trying to finalize the DVD in the camera using battery power instead of hooking it up to the ac adaptor. Battery power running out during the finalization made the disc a coaster. Hope this helps.

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      Yes more info please.

      Is it on first use in the camera, trying to add video to it, has it been formatted, trying to read on PC, does it occur with another disc, etc….

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