Dirty tape/heads??

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Hi there

I'm hoping to glean some information from you guys. I am having problems with a Sony Mini DV tape when downloading. When downloading I have sound that skips and pixelated bars appearing. I think it may have been a dirty head or the tape perhaps. All my other tapes are fine. It is only the one tape that is giving problems.

Do you know how i would fix this? Is there any way to save my footage?

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Hi Karen -

There are head cleaning "tapes" you can use (get the one recommended for your camera and follow the instructions carefully or they can ruin your heads).

If the "dirt" got on the head after the recording you'll be fine - If it was there before recording you'll have problems.

Also, if you have a few seconds of bad video/audio that doesn't mean the entire tape is bad. I have had this problem and usually it only affected a few seconds of tape.

Good luck.

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