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      Has anyone else purchased downloadable software from this online company? I bought Adobe Photoshop CS3 – It has been a frustrating experience. Rather than send you a link where you simply download and install the program, they send you six links to a third party site ( This site informs you that you have to wait to download each link, but that you may purchase (non U.S. currency) a faster download speed. The fifth link failed and I had to start over. Then I had to extract the files with the shareware that Rapidshare provided.

      When I finally got to setup, my Norton AV informed me that it had detected and quarantined a trojan horse and it’s associated tracking file.

      Believe it or not, I actually was able to install Photoshop. I am worried that something down the line is going to corrupt, expire or otherwise make me deeply regret my decision.

      I was also supposed to get Adobe Lightroom for free as well. The link provided said that I had used up all my allowable downloads.

      I’m writing this to warn everyone before buying any software from this company…

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      I purchased Photoshop CS4 from them as well and did not have any problems. I also installed Lightroom 2 without a problem. They gave me several ways to get Lightroom 2. Why did you not contact them if you had a so called problem? I asked them a question and they E-Mailed my back in less than 15 minutes. I was grateful to be able to save all this money on the software. Strange you got Photoshop CS4 that you said you paid for to work but bad mouthed and appear to have libeled them them for not any good reason. By the way you should get rid of that piece of junk Norton Antivirus. It has a huge amount of false Postives and can delete important files you need without even telling you. I had to call Microsoft on the phone and spent hours with Microsoft to be able to use Windows again after Norton Antiviris removed important Windows files. Just go here to check on the false postive problems with Norton Antivirus

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