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Dimmers on work lights

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    A lot of people suggest getting halogen work lights for their lighting kit. I was wondering if anyone has tried using them with a dimmer. I have two old theatical lights but wanted to suplement them and was thinking of making a DIY dimmer pack with rehostats and such. Any comments or ideas?

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    color temp gets warmer as it dims.

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    I realize the temp gets warmer. I come from a theatrical background so I’m used to using gobo’s gels and levels to achive the look I want. I don’t here a lot of that in the film and video arena. It seems like film and video are more concerened with using gels and patterens to get the light effect. Does anyone try the light level to get the shot or am I missing something.

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    I’m not sure I understand your question, but I wasn’t going to answer it anyway. I just wanted to point out that I’m under the impression that you’re going to home depot to get some lights and use those…? Am I right? If that is what you’re doing, definitely don’t get battery powered ones. When i first got into video, I did that. They lasted like, 30 minutes.

    So I was just giving you a heads up if that is what your plans were. Or perhaps I should have just read the packaging to see how long the lights would last…

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    I come from a photographic background.

    I find myself now setting up lights for BOTH photo and video.

    What I find is this:

    Video eats light.

    more (light) is better.

    I start by setting up my ambient (lowest level where I need detial in the shadows) first. Then build my lighting up from there.

    I’ve used dimmers. they make audible noise off the lights and change the color, making them difficult. Better results starting with a lightsource that meets the minimum level your camera can record without pumping up the sensor gain.

    then add lights with more power to build up your light ratios.

    easier to move a light back, or scrim it with black screen material or a grid to reduce its brightness, or add difussion.

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    Hey guys thanks for the responses. Wasn’t thinking of getting a battrery operated light but thanks for the heads up on that. Also diddn’t realize about the sound being an issue with dimmers. lthough thinking about it that makes sense. Thanks for the advice. Does anyone know how to make a DIY light stand for cheap?

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    grab a bucket (empty paint bucket) and a 1×2 board. drill 2 holes in the side of the bucket, and screw the board in.

    fill bucket with concrete or sand.

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