Dimmable LED Light Fixtures

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      Switronix has released theTorchLED Modular Dimmable Lightline . Ranging from outputs of30to 75 watts these LED light fixtures are sure to impress while be incredibly power effiicient with a max draw of 10w.

      The TL-50 is a 30watt 5600k Daylight LED light fixture which includes aninternal, rechargeable lithium polymer, battery pack to supply up to 2 1/2 hours of operating time. Retail price is around $300 US.

      Also released are DC powered units, the TL-68 (5 watt draw) and the TL-88 (10.5watt draw) are portable LED light fixtures which outputs 45-75w of soft daylight. These lights includes the proprietary LED ‘disc’ system which allows the user to simply unscrew the front LED ‘disc’ and change to a different color temperature or switch to varying degrees of output. The TL-68 and 88 accepts 11-18v via its DC input.

      TorchLED also has a line of accessories ranging from new LED discs, pop on filters, cables and more.

      For more information visit http://www.torchled.com .

      Vinny Duwe

      516-750-9675 extension 526


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