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      It’s imperative for me to go to digital recording, using tapes as a backup. I just don’t have time to wait for uploads. I’ve been looking at Firestores, but it seems to me that a Mac Mini would offer more at about the same price, and then be able to serve in the editing process. They’re small enough to clip onto a tripod or possibly the top of my FX1…hmm.

      I’m also in the market for a monster computer. I’ve heard that some people have a computer for rendering and another for uploading. Is the Mac Mini sufficient accompany a larger comp for either function? Could it serve also as an on-camera digital recorder?

      I now have two PC laptops and plan to utilize them as digital recorders under stationary tripods but have no idea how to accomplish that. Thoughts?

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      The mac mini is pretty portable but I don’t think it’s as portable as you think it is. You also would need a monitor for it, and a keyboard and mouse. I don’t think you could clip it onto anything.

      Maybe you should consider a portable recording device like an iriver or the new ipod.

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      Is NLE ‘Non-Linear Editing’?

      Since I already own two PC laptops, here’s what I’m thinking about doing:

      Cam A:
      [own] FX1
      [need] Firestore 40GB $650 approx…Firestore 40GB – I could dump the data to the External (Cam C) after the prelims and after the ceremony as it fills up
      [need] Ambience Mic
      [need] Light
      [own] Manfrotto Tripod

      Cam B:
      [need] FX1 $2000
      [own] Inspiron 6000 70GB HD
      [need] Backup Laptop Battery
      [own] Milk Crate for Laptop
      [need] Light
      [own] Bogen Tripod

      Cam C:
      [own] HC3
      [own] HP ZT Laptop (old and w/o firewire)
      [need] 250 GB External Firewire HD (Dell) $127.96 (I would have to use USB with this laptop)
      [own] Extention cord
      [need] Milk Crate for Laptop
      [own] Light
      [own] El Cheapo Tripod

      [need] Blu-ray burner $700
      [need] Pentium D Dual Core Editing PC with 4MB Ram and 512k Video Card, using TV as monitor
      [need] Wireless keyboard/mouse?
      [own] 3 FX1 Batteries
      [own] 3 HC3 Batteries
      [own] 21 HD Tapes
      [own] 2 wireless laviliers, 1 lavalier w/recorder

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      Yeah, I don’t know if it’s crazy to think of dumping data from a Firstore to a laptop w/ external HD…I don’t know how long that would take at a wedding. Thoughts? I suppose if I didn’t have time at a particular wedding I could just use tape for the reception.

      Anyone know if USB would be fast enough for tapeless recording? Do I need to buy laptop with firewire?

      I bought my last FX1 for $2,600…I’m trying to out-do myself. 🙂

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      Oh! I thought he said Audio recording. No wonder! Yeah, in that case, the ipod is a bad idea lol.

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