Digital Noise When Recording to Tape

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      I own a Canon GL2 that is about 3 years old and I have put at least 100 hours of recording time on the tape heads. This weekend, I shot about 10 hours of footage on 10 separate Mini-DV tapes. When playing back the tapes today, 3 out of the 10 tapes play back as nothing but digital pixelated noise with no audio. Let me make myself clear: I have played these tapes in 2 other cameras of different make and model, AND I have cleaned the tape heads on these cameras numerous times before and after attempting to play these 3 tapes. But they just won’t play properly. I called Canon’s tech support line and they think it’s something with my GL2’s recording head. But could it just be a bad batch of tapes? Can anyone help me out here?

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