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      I am thinking of purchasing DJ Fonts from Digital Juice. My question is; Has any one here used DJ Fonts? Can it be used in conjunction with Sony Vegas pro? Is DJ Fonts it’s own program, and if so how do you import the fonts into Vegas? Do you create a movie file and drop them like standard media and then edit them into a project?Or do they work a different way?

      Before I drop dollars on this, I want to know more about it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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      Hi Rex –

      I have all eight volumes of DJ Fonts – They are great, and for June, volumes 2-8 are $50 each (two for $100).

      They work as a standalone product using “The Juicer” – Their standalone front end to all their products.

      You work with them in the Juicer (really easy and they have lots of tutorials on their site) and output the final product to a graphic image that you use in Vegas. Control and use is great, and with a few clicks and drags you can easily kern, adjust size and leading, etc…

      They also have plugins available for the Juicer that allow it to do even more (like alternate colors, textures, size, etc…).

      IMHO – A great product at a relatively low price ($5 or less per font).

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      birdcat, just so i’m clear, DJ’s Juicer would be similar to using Photoshop to work up some fonts and text into a logo, then saving that as a PNG ora JPG and using it ina video? In other words, you don’t get to open your NLE and then type and edit DJ fonts in the NLE?

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      Birdcat, from your detailed description it sounds like what I thought. Thanks. I think I’ll pick it. But one more question. Are the fonts 3D? I want some fonts that are 3D that I can manipulate in the 3D editing tool in Vegas. I am tired of 2D fonts. Thanks, you have been a big help in figuring all this stuff out.

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      Pseudo – The Juicer is a front end to DJ products but not a photo editor like PhotoShop. You can control certain aspects of the fonts – like characters, size, positioning and have a lot of control with layers, textures, colors, etc…. but it’s really a different paradigm.

      Rex – If you want 3D control of fonts (or other graphics) I would recommend Zaxwerks Pro-Animator ( – It’s pricey but my opinion is you wont find an easier to use 3D text animation solution. This one is on my “get it someday” list. Digital Juice has had it for 50% off as a partner special and probably will again. Write Dave Hebel and ask.

      And for both of you – Look at the Digital Juice website – They have a lot of DJ Fonts video tutorials – They’re under the DJTV & Training section.

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      Zaxworks does well for 3D Titling I have it and use it quite a bit never used the DJ fonts yet but would like to get it. I use a lot of the other DJ stuff they have I render it as an AVI file and then just drop it into Vegas no problems at all works great

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      There are video tutorials here ( about using DJ Fonts in Pro-Animator.

      DJ Fonts are very simple to use by themselves in the Juicer however and you can render them out many ways so as to give you lots of control in your NLE.

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