Digital Juice Brings Back The Deal Of The Day

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Hi Kids -

I know it may seem like I am on their payroll (I wish), but sorry to say I'm just a customer of theirs.

Today, Digital Juice is running as their "Deal Of The Day" special which I've been bugging their head honcho, Dave Hebel, about and he graciously acquiesced.

For today only (April 20, 2011) you can get a ten pack of your choice of Editor's Themekits for $100. These normally go for $50 a pop and four for $100 in their every day deals.

I use these (what I already have) all the time.

Ten bucks each is a STEAL for these -

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This was to good of a deal to pass on. Took me a few minutes to put together 10 I really wanted but $100 for that is great!

Thanks for posting Bruce!