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      Here on the forum there is a constant stream of posters asking, “What should I do to save my videos?” Now, that’s a broad question. But whether you’re shooting tape or one of the varieties of ‘tapeless’ card-based flavors, the issue these days is archiving both for long-term but primarily in the field.

      The following article “Blazing a Path in the Digital Wilderness” by Carl Mrozek covers a wide range of areas including; outdoor/wildlife, workflow in the field, storage/power issues and a lot more! Though his work is primarily with P2 based tech (this ought to make Robgrauert very happy), he does talk about XDCAM and other tapeless digital professional formats.

      So how can this work for you? Granted you may not be like the featured Cinematographer Dereck Joubert and drop $750k worth of equipment in a crocodile filled river and have to go fish it out, but how he dealt with that and continued on is a great example of what today’s gear is capable of.

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      From what I’ve heard it seems that some cameras are even capable of streaming via Firewire while recording and storing using the Fireware input on an external hardrive, some even at 1, 2, 3 or even 4 TB.

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