Digital Delivery Vs Physical DVDs – How About a Hybrid?

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      Here is an excerpt from a recent eNewsletter I put out. Thought it might be of interest to readers here…

      Digital Delivery Vs Physical DVD Products
      If you haven’t already, you soon will face the decision to either deliver your how-to and special interest videos as physical DVDs, or as digital download or streaming products.

      According to just about every media guru, electronics industry analyst, streaming media industry rep, or techno teenager, the days of physical media products are numbered. The DVD is so passe after all!

      Passe the DVD may be, but reality is that digital download or streaming media is full of pitfalls.

      Here is a partial list of the pros and cons of the two product delivery methods as I see them. With a little thought, I’m sure you could substantially add to this list…

      Read the rest of this article and others here:

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      I like the idea of having both as options

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      Sorry, I should have included the hybrid video delivery method that was the real point of the article…

      Hybrid Product Delivery

      For a printed, audio, and DVD-based course that I took last year, the producer delivered a physical product. At the time of the sales transaction though, I was provided a link to the first lesson of the DVD course delivered as streaming video.

      This simple model eliminated most of the opportunity for buyer’s remorse to set in (it was a VERY high-dollar course) and it provided for instant gratification. I was able to get busy with the first actions dictated by the course while waiting for the rest of the materials to arrive.

      A cardboard box showed up on my porch a week later with the rest of the course, providing the higher perceived value that the price-point required. It was a good combination.

      A web page for delivery and an EZS3 / Amazon S3 account are all that would be required to manage the same model.

      Are you ready for a hybrid approach to product delivery?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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