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      Hey all,

      Any folks out there that do a work commercially and have any backup storage systems in place for many many terabytes of video files? Ideally with redundancy.

      It seems there are two basic solutions:

      1. Online Storage Management
      2. In-house servers

      Online storage seems insane as these files are huge and it’d take for ever. In-house servers seem quicker but require maintenance.

      Anyone out there have a solution they’ve found useful and would be up for sharing? I don’t need ready access to these files, they’d only be for archive purposes, and would rarely get pulled.


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      We’ve taken a approach that pretty much does away the the necessity for long term storage. Most of our deliverables are on DVD. If it’s is a one-off job we hold the camera tapes or cards for a few days after delivery and that’s it. If we deliver on DVD and know that the client will be back for more, we retain a copy of the DVD for duplication. Here again, camera tapes and cards are retained for a week or two, the wiped or reused.

      Where we have an on-going job, one to which materials are being added over time, we retain the camera tapes and cards for the duration of the job as backup, keeping the working elements of the job on a master and backup hard drive. Once the job is completed the hard drives are wiped and reused.

      On some jobs, construction walk-through, as built, training, etc., we turn over the camera tapes directly to the client; there is no backup at all.

      We keep still photos, text, etc., backed up on flash drives. These, which come formatted as Fat32 can be converted to the NTFS format and can hold large video files as well. They’re an inexpensive and reliable way to store materials for a single job.

      You don’t indicate what you need the backup for, or for what period of time you need it. If accessibility is an issue, I’d recommend hard drives; they’re cheap and pretty reliable. Spin them up from time to time and they should last a very long time.


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      Thanks Jack,

      I do the video work for an organization and they want me to find the best solution to store the media. I think I’m just going to go the hard drive way until they get a decent digital management solution that will cover all the needs of the organization.

      Thanks for letting me know your methods though, I’m going to use that for other clients! Thanks!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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