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      I have been shooting stuff with my HMC150 and love the picture. I currently have a UV filter, a polarizer and a warming filter from Tiffen.

      What are your thoughts about diffusion filters and Soft/FX filters (any brand)? Are they useful or necessary on this camera? If you have some experience, can you please contribute a few tips about which filters to use in order to achieve particular “looks”?

      Any advice on software filters is also welcome. Thanks!

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      When I used to do serious still film based photography I had dozens of filters including cross-stars, multi-imagers, polarizers and diffusers (although a little vaseline on a skylight worked wonderfully).

      With the advent of programs like Photoshop and many non-linear editors (I use Vegas Pro) the need for physical filters is obviated. 

      If I want a softer look, I just apply a slight gaussian blur and no more vaseline needed – I can even use masks to apply these filters selectively to only parts of my image.

      I would suggest you go into your NLE of choice and experiment with the built in filters it comes with to get an idea of what you can do.

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      Birdcat’s post was “so good they used it twice” Personally, I have filters as described above but I rarely use them as Prem Pro has all the FX I need – or want at this time. But don’t discard them just yet, would be my advice. You never know when they might be useful. I admit to being a hoarder which can cause some friction with SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed – ie my wife) but there have been times whenthings I have hoarded havegot me out of a hole.

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      Thanks! I am using Final Cut Pro. Been playing with the in-built filters and Color effects – some pretty cool stuff there.

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      also i study , thanks everyone

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      Add one more vote to the “I have filters, but use post instead.” That’s what I do.

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      Thanks! I am using Final Cut Pro.It is very good.

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