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      Hello I was born yesterday and this could be a stupid question. I’m new to the forum so be gental. I’m wanting to know what the difference is between Vegas Pro and Movie studio. I’m want to edit videos for Streaming (Youtube) and I’m a beginner in the editing field. Currently I’m using imovie, but I will be using a PC in the future so I want to find a Sony product.

      Look forward to your responce.


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    Sony Vegas Movie Studio is the consumer version of Sony Vegas Pro. Vegas Pro offers far more in terms of professional features, but costs around $400-$500 more. If you’re an absolute beginner, I’d seriously consider going with Movie Maker for now, but if you’re in need of something a bit more functionable, I’d go with Movie Studio.I’ve found a lot of great deals for this software online that retails around $100.


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    I started with the Movie Studio version of Vegas (was called Screenblast back then) and within a year I had upgraded to the Pro version (Vegas+DVD 6 was brand new at the time).

    My experience then was the Movie Studio version had most of the Pro version functionality – The two big thing for me were 1) Limited Tracks (MS – 4 video, 2 audio; Pro – Unlimited) and 2) script support.

    If you’re not looking to do this as a profession or serious time hobby, then the MS product would probably suit you fine to start – If you find yourself wanting the additional capabilities, just upgrade then as the look and feel is identical and your workflow won’t change.

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    Hey guys, I recently purchased Sony Movie Studio v10. I’ve heard that one of the features it lacks (that the pro version has) is scripting abilities. What exactly is that feature?

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    In Vegas Pro, you can “program” certain features using JavaScript to automate certain functions.

    For example, the script below (written by John Rofrano – Super nice guy!) will take all selected video events and turn on the “Reduce Interlace Flicker” flag for them. I personally use this A LOT (in every project that I use still photos in).

    This capability (scripting) along with no track limits made my decision to move to the Pro version a no-brainer. I have about a half dozen scripts that I use in almost every project with about another half dozen I use less frequently but enough to make a difference.

    * Program: ReduceInterlaceFlicker.js
    * Description: This script will turn on the Reduce Interlace Flicker switch
    * for all selected events.
    * Author: Johnny “Roy” Rofrano jrofrano [at] vasst {dot} com
    * Date: December 9, 2005
    import System.Windows.Forms;
    import Sony.Vegas;

    var counter = 0; // used for user feedback
    // iterate over all the tracks
    for (var videoTrack in Vegas.Project.Tracks)
    // only process video tracks
    if (!videoTrack.IsVideo()) continue;

    // iterate over all the evnts
    for (var videoEvent in videoTrack.Events)
    // only process selected events
    if (videoEvent.Selected)
    // turn on the reduce interlace switch
    videoEvent.ReduceInterlace = true;
    // Tell the user how many we changed
    MessageBox.Show(counter + ” video event(s) changed.”);
    catch (errorMsg)
    MessageBox.Show(errorMsg, “Error”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);

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    Wow! That’sa cool feature. Thanks Birdcat!

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