difference between hd editing and regular video camera editing

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i see a lot of post about "hd editing", "formats" a lot of different things of that nature and im wondering if i buy one what will be different about editing. i use sony vegas pro studio 9? would i still be able to import videos the usual way or what would i have to "import hd video". basically im wondering if having a hd camera would change a lot of things besides good video footage. i was thinking if i had one i would just shoot a video and that be it but with all these post im thinking its going to change the whole way i video edit. can someone please fill me in?

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Are you using Vegas Movie Studio 9 or an advance copy of Vegas Pro 9 (they are different).

In either case - they both edit AVCHD and HDV well IF your machine is powerful enough (Core 2 Duo at least) and has enough RAM (2 GB min). The minimum system requirements may not say this but it has been my experience with Pro 8 running on a Core 2 Duo/2GB machine which was OK (not great - barely passable).

If you're having problems with AVCHD, VASST sells a cheap utility called UpShift which converts MTS files into M2T which are much easier to edit and keep just about all the quality.

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