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      We got a new laptop for my wife and I had big problems trying to make the recovery disks for her. I was using Memorex DVDs (I tried both DVD-R and DVD+R). I called HP tech support and talked to a guy in India. He said I should use a “quality” DVD like Sony or Kodak. So I went out and bought some Sony DVDs. Same problem. Finally took the laptop back to Best Buy and got another of the same kind. I asked the tech guy at Best Buy about DVDs and he said he only uses Verbatim. I bought a pack of Verbatim DVDs and was able to make the recovery disks fine. But was it the DVD brand (I think not) or the different computer?

      My question to you guys is: what brand of DVD do you use and why? I’ve always used Memorex for my home videos and never had a problem.

      Also, I bought a CD/DVD burner a year or two ago with Lightscribe. Really like it but it only does black and white and now I hear that HP isn’t making them anymore. It did take quite a while to burn the image onto the DVD. They didn’t catch on.

      Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom

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      Production houses I deal with specifythatprojects I supply themon DVD, must besupplied on Verbatim DVD-R. As a consequence,over a period of years, I have only used that brandfor all customers, without any problems.

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      I worked at a post house for 3+ years that burned many “coasters” with Verbatim DVD-Rs, so I guess it just depends on the equipment and variables surrounding the project. I’ve heard good things from other people, but I’m hesitant to give them another try (I’m working independently now). I haven’t had any problems with Memorex and that’s what I’ve been using.

      In your case, I’m not sure if it was the brand of DVD that caused the problem. I think it was the computer.

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      Moab Man

      Some of my burners like brand x over y and viceverse. Doesn’t seem to be the disc as much as it is the burner in my experience.

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      I have always used JVC/TayioJuden ( Premium ) for blank CD’s and DVD-R’s. I once bought a stack of non-premium JVC/TayioJuden DVD’s which were NOT reliable. I find that Philips BD-R are quitegood.

      Rick Crampton

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      This reminds me of every ‘what’s the best tape’ conversation I’ve had. The fact is that, short of off-name brands, most major manufacturers make a good product. I’ve had good experience with Taiyo-Yuden blanks (DVD-R) in conjunction with an LG burner and IMGBurn software. Notice that there are three components to this equation. Therefore, your experience may vary. The speed of burn can also affect your outcome. It’s generally NOT recommended to burn discs at their maximum rated speed. I aim for 1/2 speed, so a 16x media get’s burned at 8x.

      Once you find a brand that works more than 80% of the time, I would classify that as a success (sad, but true).

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      I started burning DVDs when Pioneer released their first internal computer burner (still have a few of the original Pioneer single layer 1 x times speed disks in the cupboard). Almost all of my work has been video and I have wanted to be sure that the disks I burn were playable on the widest range of set top players possible.

      I have burnt virtually thousands of DVDs since, I have a computer with three burners in it just for the purpose. I always have stuck to DVD-R, for no particular reason except that I have had a very low failure rate. I also have a very old Pioneer DVD A350 set top player which I use as a test bed as I have found that if a DVD movi I have burnt will play on that, it will play on anything.

      In my view, there are three important factor. The disk brand, the burning software and the burning speed.

      What about the burner brand you ask? As you can imagine I have worn out a few buners over the years, with Pioneer seeming to have the shortest life but I have used LG, Samsung, Liteon, Pioneer and Iam sure others and they have all worked fine.

      As to disk brand, I agree Verbatim are excellent. I use them of choice, and I very rarely have had a failure. I have used Sony and had no real problems. The only disks that I have had problems with are Imation with my test player not liking a reasonable percentage of them. Having said that some which the Pioneer test player didn’t like played fine on a later DVD player.

      Burning software. I use Adobe Encore CS5 for authoring but usually compile to a disk image. I then use Nero for producing the final disks from the image as it has better buffer over and under run control and allows the use of multi burners.

      I always do a burn speed test then crank the burn speed down one notch. It makes only minimal difference to the burn time as the Leadin and Finalizing times don’t change.

      Probably all of this is of little relavance if you are using the disks as a data backup medium. But my advice for that is to buy a 1TB hard drive and backup your data onto that.

      Cheers Ian

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      I was an audio mastering engineer for a major duplication house several years ago. My firstCD burner cost $6500.00 my first cd-r discs were 18.00 EA!! I learned quickly to not make coasters. In my experience Tayio Yuden GOLDwere the most reliable. I have been doing video also for many years, I have tried almost every disc out there. Currently I am using Microboards Blu rays burned at 1-2x only! Yes it makes a difference. Any faster and I get playback errors. You’ve spent 40 hours editing whats an extra 1/2 hour to burn a slower disc. When just throwing something down quick I will always use SONY brand discs. Dont skimp on burners either..Your time is valuable. Hope this helps.


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      Maybe I’m just VERY lucky not to have a CD or DVD failure before now. I’ve been burning a few (5-10) every year for 6-8 years and never had a failure. Well, I will exhaust my on-hand stock and then maybe buy those mentioned. Thanks for all of the replies.

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      I remember that I used to use Memorex DVD-R’s, and even at my Church they used to use Memorex CD-R’s to record the service, but ever since Memorex changed their logo about 3 years ago I’ve found, and so has my church, that the quality of Memorex has gone way down hill; at my church we record the service to acomponent CD-Recorder, so we used up the Memorex burning copies for people since they worked fine when you were copying the master, but for the actual master theCD recorder would record a number of errors. So for DVD-R’s, for my business, I use the regular Verbatim Printables, and at the church we use a different brand (I forget which brand, but it works with therecorder, and I’m not the one who buys them).

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