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      So can anyone let me know if I goofed and got hosed on eBay?

      I bought a DXA-4 off eBay. It came recently and wasn’t exactly what I expected. I thought, based on Beachtek’s website, and B&H, that it had a ground-lift switch, a mini-jack input, and a mono/stereo switch. Mine doesn’t have any of those. I’ve put a few pictures here to show you what I mean.

      This side usually has 3 switches, but mine only has 2.

      This is the front and seems to be where the mini-jack input and mono/stereo switch are, but mine doesn’t have them.

      On the other side it lists Beachtek and DXA-4. It looks like that was put there by the manufacturer, so I’m thinking this was like a first generation DXA-4?

      I paid $91 shipped for this. I’m wondering if what I really got is a DXA-4. Did I pay way too much for this? I didn’t plan on using the mini-jack input, but it would have been nice to have just in case. The XLR inputs are modified to be Neutrik connectors, if that makes any difference in the final price (I know they are a great connector, but was it a necessary upgrade?). Now I’m going to go plug it in… I suppose if it actually doesn’t work then it was a waste of money 😕 (But it was a really reputable seller, so I took the chance… that and the fact that it’s a passive device and seems hard to break).

      Thanks for any thoughts (and don’t feel free to tell me I paied twice as much as I should have or whatever it ends up being!).

      Quick update: I did just test it and it seems to work just fine with my NTG-2 microphone and Zebra XLR cable. Both XLR inputs delivered a strong, quality, noise-free signal (well, at least based on the on-camera speaker since my HD-280 monitoring headphones are still in the mail). So at least it works! 😀

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      Any thoughts on this? I can take more pictures if needed.

      Well, I’ve been googling aroung for a few days now and it seems like Beachtek made a new version, which has all those extra options I don’t have. I’m still not sure it’s a great price that I got. I guess I’ll just assume it’s a good price since there are a couple others like mine selling on various websites for more than I paied.

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