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      Tried searching for a solution, did not find one.

      Maybe I’m overthinking things… I’ve got FCE HD on an iMac G5 (not an intel duo)… I want to capture footage live over my firewire connection (i.e. while the camera is in “camera” mode versus VTR mode). When I click Capture Now it says Device Must be in VTR mode when Device Control is enabled. Makes sense. So I’ve spent an hour trying to figure out how to disable device control… and I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve scoured the help files, checked numerous menu options… no luck.

      Am I missing something really obvious? Is it even possible to turn off Device Control for FCE when your camera “supports” its? This is irritating beyond reason.

      If there’s any freeware out there that would achieve this too it would be great. At first I just wanted to use my iMac as a monitor for the camera, but in thinking of it, it would be a huge time saver to be able to capture live while we’re filming.


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      I have to be quick…go to the final cut express drop down menu at the top left than go to easy setup than select DV NTSC DV Converter….this is how to do it in FCE 2.0…should work the same in HD…let me know if this helped….if not I can get back to you after work….

      Now I have to post a question of my own about FCP….

      Best Regards,


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      Perfect, that did it.

      The next question I think I know the answer to but I want to see if it’s possible just the same. Can the size of the “Capture” window in FCE be adjusted?

      This whole thing started as an experiment to use my iMac as a monitor, but being able to capture live seems even more practical. If I can have my cake and eat it too (use the iMac as a decent sized monitor and capture the footage as we’re filming) then I’d be thrilled. If not I might make other monitor arrangements (I’ve got a smallish tv that would work okay). I’d just like to have the capture window a bit larger but I don’t see that it’s resizeable at all.

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      Here’s a question and some food for thought….

      Do you really need to import into fce? with limited resources and processing power of your g5 mac, You might be better off importing with quicktime pro (the program is smaller and will leave more ram available for video capture) or imovie hd might work.

      You are going to find your computer will not capture hi def in real time….

      Hardware solutions might give you the ability to record and view in real time a compressed video, in the feild, while your camera captures the hi res file, for later import.

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      I do need to import into FCE; don’t own a copy of Quicktime Pro and it’s not really an option to buy at the moment. I’m shooting with standard def, not hi def, so that’s not an issue.

      If I can’t do both, it’s not a huge deal; it would certainly be a time saver but I don’t want to have to do more takes simply because the computer glitches out on me. Having a reliable “monitor” is a lot more important.

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      Have you tried importing with iMovie hd? that gives a nice sized preview window?

      there are software solutions, but not cheaper than quicktime pro.

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