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      I have seen this happen multiple times to an XL 1s, but don’t know how to fix it.
      My XL 1s fell from the hood of the car and the standard 16x lens snapped off of the lens mount. The 16x ZOOM XL IS II lens mount is attached to the lens with 7 multicolored wires (Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Blue, Purple and Red). So I was wondering what the order of these wires go in so I can solder the wires back. So anyone with an XL 1s, can you unmount your lens and unscrew the lens mount to see the order of these wires and if you can take pics while its off so I can follow the pictures, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to anyone who replies to this post and for your help.

      PS- Sorry the pictures are bad, if you need better ones I can get them.

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