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      First I’m looking for a software to use with my Sony Camcorder HDR-SR12, which records AVCHD. I’d like to use my camera for high quality recording in place of a cheapWebcam. I wouldappreciate any information on how others mighthave performed this work linking directely to thecomputer ifpossiblewithout havingto go to elaborate measures to recordWebcam type content.I have a Sony Movie Studio 9 soI can edit the recordings from my camcorder of course, but I’m just looking for doing this faster.

      I can do so many more things with my camcorder remote on-the-fly, zoom, etc.and the quality is soooooo much better.

      Possibly, someone knows of an on-the-converter software or something that will work.

      By Webcam content I mean

      I would like to make some youtube type videos. —- Or Desktop Productions

      Not really thinking youtube as much as I am about setting up a quick webcam type setup in front of my computer.

      This way I could make some little quicky videos for planning presentations using my monitor/computer for teleprompter (if needed)

      I realize the teleprompter thing might not be a best go, since viewers can still where your eyes are looking.I got anidea from thiswatching arecent Ron Paul youtube video. RP was making a presentation looking to the side at his teleprompter, butthe way he was presenting it you got the idea he was speaking to someone. The quality of the video was excellent and looked HD.

      Video streamingis becoming very popular and the cost forstreaming server time has comedown a great deal. I’m thinking in terms of putting up a website using high quality video, and running ON-DEMAND (pre-recorded) video streams. They would be similar to youtube,but the quality would be much better and the content would be in my files, notyoutube.

      Some more of My thoughts on this, to make it happen.

      Use asmall tripod thatwill let me place my camcorder, SonyHDR SR12, right ontop of my desk.

      Use backgrounds from some of the webcam type softwares this way I don’t need green screen.

      On each side of thedesk I can mount alight on each side(flourescent) for better skin tones and not too much light.

      Do thewebcam productions sitting back from thecamera about 3 to 6 feet.

      Use a small head light on a boom that I could have above and behind.

      A lapel microphone for better sound.


      Ihave all theequipmentlisted above, and I’m headed for homedepot toplan some kind of support structure I canplace on my desk to accomodateclamp lights. I do have wooden shelves and stuff on each side of my desk, which faces the wall. I could clamp to those shelves and such, but I’d kind like to keep things looking good. By looking good, I mean I would like to keep things pretty well setup around my desk area. This wayI could do these little desktop productions on the fly.


      When I get this all setup… I’d like to be able to flip on a power strip for lights, attach my lapel mic, and click my camera remote… to roll’em and record’em.

      Tell me what you think of this, and maybe you could share some ideas. I sure don’t have a corner on good ideas.

      Anyway, everyone herehas always been so helpful. I thought this might tweak some interest from others as well.

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      I forgot to mention another very important thing about using my camcorder as a webcam.

      I would like to also use my camcorder for direct interface as webcam for making video reponses on Yahoo and Windows Messenger.

      In fact, I would just love to put the webcam “thingy” into my old junk box and forget that static video production device. LOL

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