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      Hey, I’m looking at buying a desktop as my first real dive into video editing and motion graphics. My only big obstacle is money. I’m a Junior in high school and I have to be wise with my limited resources(I’m in high school, I have no money) I’ve focused on Desktops that are between $500 and $700 as I think that I can get the system requirements to run After Effects and other intensive software while not going overboard on a crazy $1500 system. I’m taking online classes at a college so I will be able to use adobe’s student licensing option to get Adobe’s production premium bundle for just $350, so that’s not really too big an issue. Right now I’m looking at two different system as potential desktops. They are both listed below … 55&CatId=6 … S445-10025

      I was looking at the first one when the second one appeared on the site. The only downside to the second one I see if the lower RAM, which I could always add on later. For only $650 I feel like I would be getting a pretty good deal. Add on windows 7 at $30 with another student discount then I would have a fully equipped setup for just over $1000. Any though or input you guys have would be greatly appreciated. It’s driving me insane having limited access to school computers and seeing some of the stuff that sows up in the forums. Thanks

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      Just to let you know my ‘inner junior-highschool kid’ hates your guts for having access to such gear and opportunities to learn this stuff at so young an age! Looking back though, I don’t know how much good a desktop computer would have done me during the ‘Ice Age’….

      Seriously though, check out this unit from TD’s Systemax line. Price after shipping is on the low-end of what you want to pay, but you get a good processor and a good deal of RAM. The GPU in it is not shabby and you get an upgrade from Vista to Win7 for the price of shipping. Not bad for a starter rig and it’s less than your quoted price of $650.

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