Demo DVDs of video camera footage.

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      Over the years I have read various advertisements and articles discussing the quality of video footage captured on various formats, and shot with cameras manufactured by various companies.

      I don’t understand why the camera manufacturers never seem to make demo DVDs of the footage shot with each camera that they sell more readily available.

      The camera specifications are usually included in most advertising, and hundreds of articles and forum posts talk about image quality, and how one camera campares to another. But all of the articles and expert opinions will never give me an insight as to just how good the footage looks from a particular camera until I see the actual footage myself. It is a little ironic that many other industries are using DVD demos much more effectively than the video equipment industry itself.

      I am not looking for something free. If I had a genuine interest in a camera, I would gladly pay a reasonable fee plus postage to see a DVD of footage shot indoors, outdoors, low light, etc. If the manufacturers were good at marketing, they may think to include a discount coupon with the DVD which could be applied to the purchase of the camera.

      Finally, my question is: Am I missing something? Is there a link somewhere on the web, such as on a video camera manufacturer’s web site, or somewhere else where I can order demo DVDs of footage shot with different makes and models of video cameras?

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