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      I am new to videography, but I am about to embark on a career in it.

      I have not had to do this yet, but as I get more into event recording I am sure I will have to deliver HD video. It seems to me that burning Blu-Ray is very expensive. I have seen videographers put the files on Flash Drives and deliver them that way, I wanted to know how people in this forum are delivering finished HD content to clients, and what one would charge.

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      I personally think the jury is still out on BluRay disc delivery, what with most home systems having uprez capabilities and even 4:3 SD footage not looking half bad in the viewing, except of course for the purists among us.

      However, I suspect that HD deliver on a hard drive would prove cheaper, on average, than setting up and delivering on a thumb drive based on cost per GB. I wrote a blog article about delivering on thumb drives, particularly the high costs of ordering custom branded thumb drives for distribution, noting that while it might have a certain “wow” factor, the practicality and economics sucked. But that old opinionated me.

      If you’ve read many of my offerings on the forums you know I continue to experience decent business levels while still offering SD production, though I intend to move into HD … but still do not get much demand for it from my event and individual clients, and I can rent units when doing commercial work that requires it. Even then I usually deliver to commercial clients on hard drive, factoring in the costs.

      But, if/when BluRay becomes a demand item in my preferred market area I certainly believe that it is probably most economical to simply use, burn and deliver on BluRay disks to the end client … all things considered.

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      You can also get 8.5GB on a DL DVD so you can deliver HD as .M2V files that way as well (if they’e small enuf).

      Most of my clients who want HD however, want BD or online delivery (YouTube, Vimeo, etc…).

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      A lot of finished product I do now is intended for the net so that takes care of itself. Doing a lot more FTP or yousendit type than sending drives or discs right now. However, if the projects were longer that would likely be the way to go.

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      HDD, thumbs, BD, online, depending on size, structure and money.

      As birdcat says, you can use DVD for smaller projects.

      What’s more interesting, you may write your HD work on a DVD not only as a file.

      You may create a Blu-ray project with a menu, export it to an .iso file and burn it on a blank DVD. It will play with full functionalityon standart BD players and, of course on any comp as well.

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      Thanks, I am just trying to gather information about all of this. In 2012 I am going to make a serious attempt at creating a business around doing video for all sorts of events. I, much like WSanford, have thus far only worked on stuff for the web, so file size has not been a big deal, but I think about the possibility of doing a few weddings for some $$ right away, and I wanted to know what people are delivering these days. These are a lot of great ideas. Very much appreciated.

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      There are plenty of ways to do this; flash drive is one of them, like you mentioned. This article is perfect for you, go ahead and check it out:

      The article outlines these delivery methods for HD videos:
      Cloud storage services
      File sharing apps and websites
      BitTorrent (or any other torrent)
      FTP servers

      Just make sure you have the file in HD stored on your computer. Depending on what your business is looking for with speed, security, and storage, every method of delivery is different.

      Hope this helps!

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      Thanks for the above info…and can I please ask what methods do you use to show clients a working version to get feedback before finished video. I’m thinking it would have to be exported and perhaps put on a file sharing service…perhaps my YouTube channel with viewing permission given only to them…
      I am using Adobe Premiere Pro and they may have a way to show clients before completion as in a team effort. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated…

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