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      I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for deleting background noise from audio clips such as a lawnmower or unwanted background chatter. I have premier elements 2.0 and i can get Premiere elements 3.0. Also are there any good programs that are good at doing this particular type of work and if so haw much do they cost?

      Thanks alot. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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      I have not heard of anything low level aka average user friendly that will do this. The problem I have seen is most editing software can not tell the difference between a voice and a background noise. It kind of edits out ranges and not sounds. I have seen programs that will take out a range of sound and clean up "static" noise but that works main due to the actual human range(sounds range not distance) being so limited compared to what the mic can actually pick up.

      For better sound with less outside noise you will almost need a shotgun mic and never point it at a window or door. Seems they will pick up noise beyond the normal range(distance) and even through windows and doors at times. A boom with a shotgun mic pointing down over the cast will give you better sound then trying to edit it out in post.

      Now if you used a boom mic and took all the normal steps to get good sound then you may just need to wait out the noisy machine and tape later or someplace else.

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      poppa_bear42330 Wrote:

      I have not heard of anything low level aka average user friendly that will do this.

      Ok I did find something that might help. I have yet to test this but the samples seemed good. Sony noise reduction 20d. Is the name of the exe. I do not remember exactly where I got it but it was free down load. Contact me and I’ll see about sending it to you. It’s only about 9 meg.

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      Sweet. Thanks both of you. Ill check these ideas out. PP

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      Don’t forget to record an ambient track of sound at the location too. A couple of minutes should do- that way you can dub in the post when a dog barks or a jet flies overhead, etc.

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