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      I work for a multi-media production company and we are using a Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD Recorder to record various sources on the fly and in real time. Now, this is an industrial DVD recorder and while it doesn’t have a whole lot of features compared to maybe a home unit, it does do some different things & has worked flawlessly. However, is there any way of deleting a recording from a DVD-R so it won’t be readable (or show up in the menu) when the disk is finalized.

      I realize that I would lose a certain amount of space on the disc. What happens occasionally is that one might record a source, but then a few minutes into it, realize something was not set properly and the recording has to be done again from the beginning. The errors usually involve not changing the bitrate to the needed length or having the source deck’s time code displayed wrong for burring into the new DVD. Anyway, recordings are needed for ONE continuous chapter only and not multiple chapters on the disc. So even if the disc has been recorded on for 20secs when you realize you have to start all over, the DVD-R has to be thrown out and a new one is needed.

      I also realize that DVD-R discs are not that expensive so it really hasn’t been a huge issue anyway, but I guess its more of a personal reason & I just want to know if it can be done on this Pioneer DVD recorder. My home Panasonic DVD recorder can simply delete it (or maybe more appropriately “hide”) the recording from a DVD-R so it doesn’t show up on the DVD menu & can’t be played later on, but I can’t seem to figure out if this Pioneer does it.

      I’m thinking it has something to do with “projects” that I see in one of the menu sections, but not sure either. This maybe be something related to its internal hard drive. Any help or suggestion on how to do this since we no longer have the manual either?

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