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      Does anyone know how to delete specific highlights and shadows? I know there are tools to reduce the shadow-and highlights values, but it never corrects the specific zones that need to be corrected.

      I have scenes against a white wall, and I want the the shadows and highlights to have the same color values as that white wall, or I want to make those spots transparant… and I have absolutely no clue how to do that, allthough these issues are treated a little in the premiere elements help data.

      Could someone describe to my step by step what I have to do ( if it can be done, off course)

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      Not sure about Premiere, but Final Cut has a 3-way color corrector.

      If Premiere has a 3-way color corrector, this tool can adjust the blacks, midtones, and highlights individually. So you’ll want to boot your black levels, but only mask off the shadow areas you want to eliminate so you don’t affect the entire image, otherwise everything will become washed out.

      Another option is After Effects. You could create a shape that lays over top of the shadow. That may take some animating.

      I must say though, this would have been MUCH easier to shoot rather than to fix in post.

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      Thanks I’ll try after effects. I know it would be easier to just shoot it again, but because of circumstances that’s not possible.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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