Dedicated Editors vs. PC Editing

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      I’m currently trying to push the TV/Video Production class at my high school to being better equipped and able to easily edit small movies and produce a twice-weekly television announcement. During the Videomaker Expo West last weekend, I took a look at some dedicated editing systems such as Edirol, Casablanca, and Screenplay. From a teaching standpoint, would it be worth purchasing and teaching on a dedicated editor as opposed to a PC where students would have more of a feel for how to operate the computer? If so, what would be the advantage of learning on a system like that?


      -Bill Harden

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      For institutions, especially in light of reduced budgets is best to go with PC Editing. Plus a majority of editing that is being done at production houses, news stations and other video production environment will be non-linear editing which is PC based.

      For example, I have many years of experience with video production but out of the products that you’ve mentioned I’ve only heard of Casalanca. And I wasn’t impressed with that.

      I did talk to a guy the other day however that was using a dedicated editor. I forget wha tthe name was but I was very surprised.

      In terms of Job opportunities and Future schools your students attend they will have an advantage know programs like AVID, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro. Generally these are the main non-linear editing tools that schools and video production places are using. There are other non-linear editing tools that companies are using but these 3 are the main tools to know if your interested in job opportunities.

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      I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but Avid offers Educational versions of their software for only $295! This is the Avid Xpress Pro software that sells for $1695!! You can run this on a computer costing you around $1,000 – perhaps cheaper through your scholls purchasing deals with Dell or HP.

      If you teach your kids how to edit using Avid, they will not only learn how to edit, they will have a skill that they can put in a resume for part time jobs amd college admissions!

      Follow this link for more information

      You can also find training books & DVDs that will quickly allow you to get up to speed so that you can teach your class how to edit on Avid.


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      I kind of agree that the PC would be the way to go. I have 2 sons who both work in video production in Television and they use the PC with Premier or Apple with Final cut. I think most Video production houses, just like Audio production, are going the PC route in the future.

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