decent camcorder for outings and indoors

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      I’ve read it all, then once I think I want something, I want something better, to make up for the weakness of one camera.
      Was thinking about the Sony HDR-HC3, but it only has 10x optical and it’s about $300 more than I’d like to spend. It’s also a hard-drive based recorder and read somewhere that the video quality is not up to par of min-dv (yet).
      I thought that Panasonic’s GS500 was good, till I read some reviews and how it fell short of last years GS400.
      So I’m really messed up.
      Basically want it for shooting videos when walking my dog, indoors (friends, family, dog, etc).
      Maybe as a decent camera to do short home movies.
      suggestions…tips…advice…anything…thanks guys.
      Budget is $1100-$1300 AT MOST (taxes in).
      Possible manual controls (but not a huge priority).
      Thanks guys.

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