Debut Music Video From My 5 Year Old!

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      For everyone who has taken the time to sync a music video with a child as the star will probably say it was job and a half. My 5 year old did pretty well considering that she did not know the song and had only just woken up when we had arrived on location. We were forced to film it a line at a time and using a CD for a guide proved useless and far too time consuming. I simply read out a line at a time and she repeated it. I’m surprised how well it worked out. She did a great job and after a 5 hour shoot (for a child of that age – it is a long time), I bought her a HUGE toy on the way home. She was as patient as some of the professional actors I have ever directed!

      They – Music Video

      Hope you can understand that this did really take some doing. Quite close to stop motion animation in fact!

      Kind Regards, Pete

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      I liked it! My compliments to you, Pete! Great video.

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      Thanks “FallingStarFilms”

      Each of my videos take quite up a number of hours to edit,

      It’s nice to get a comment like yours. It’s makes it all worth the while!

      A couple more here if anybody’s interested!!–Dg

      Very Kind Regards,


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      Hey Pete –

      I loved it!

      Great editing plus an adorable kid! Can’t beat that combo!

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