Dealing with multiple aspect ratios, resolution, file types.

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      I want to edit together some footage from two different cameras using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, but I’ve got two different video resolutions, two different file types, and most troubling of all, two different aspect ratios. 1280× and 640×480.avi . I’m not sure what sort of project settings to go for, and what conversions I should do to the source files before editing. Any advice would be appreciated!

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      I would use the settings of the smallest pixel aspect ratio and reduce the size of the 1280 x file and crop where needed. There really is not decent way to enlarge the size to the bigger format and have good quality. You may be able to upsize the footage to 720 x 480 and crop as needed but there is no guarantee that it will look that great, depending on the quality of the 640 x 480 footage. If the smaller footage has been compressed it more than likely will look pretty bad.

      What is the intended use for merging the two different sized video’s. YouTube and the like or DVD? That makes all the difference in the world as far as how to render the video.

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      Thanks for the input!

      The video will only be used for viewing locally with Quicktime, and probably online as well (Youtube or Vimeo). I’m not too concerned about the image quality for this project.

      I ended up setting up at project at 720×480 and using the scale option to resize my clips. A sample I rendered looks good enough.

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