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      Does anyone know what happens to DV Camcorder when it goes thru the x-ray machine at the airport?
      I took mine on a trip and it was dead when I got there. Wouldn’t even power on. I tried running it with the power adapter, with and without the battery in, but still no power.
      Will a new battery fix the problem, or am I screwed?


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      You are probably screwed? I doubt that the xray machine did it to you? More likely the change in air pressure or temperature or maybe vibration was the culprit? If the power adapter won’t run it then I don’t see how a new battery is going to help. Unless by some strange quirk your power adapter and batteries all failed at the same time? Very unlikely. If it were mine I would check the output of the power adapter with a meter to see if it was outputting the correct voltage.


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