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      Does anyone know what happens to DV Camcorder when it goes thru the x-ray machine at the airport?
      I took mine on a trip and it was dead when I got there. Wouldn’t even power on. I tried running it with the power adapter, with and without the battery in, but still no power.
      Will a new battery fix the problem, or am I screwed?


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      That hurts!
      Hope your warranty is in effect. Can’t imagine that this would not be covered.
      The general rule is: Don’t put items in your checked luggage that are vulnerable to X-Rays. They are blasting checked luggage with rays much more powerful than through the security checkpoint. (This is not a general rule re film for still photography; it is an absolute must that this film be part of your carry-on so as not to be destroyed, including exposed and unexposed film.) Your problem is puzzling with a solid probablity that the passenger pass-through checkpoint X-ray procedure is not the cause of the malfunction. On the other hand, stories are starting to come out about TSA employee (unintentional) abuse of property handled at the check point, such as dropping, breaking, dirtying/greasing passenger stuff. For example, security employees don’t change their gloves after every examination like the doc’s do). Also, stealing!!! The percentage is tiny, but on a system wide basis, the dingling to passenger stuff adds up.
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Before giving up on it I would check out the AC adapter/charger first. If it is dead then there may be a possibility that the camera is OK. Then you may have to just replace the adapter/charger. I’d find a camera store that sellls that model and ask to try a new charge/adapter before making any decision. Keep your fingers crossed.

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