“De-saturation” Video Filter?

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      I recently got a good deal on a broken JVC GZ-MG505 (3-CCD)camcorder and plenty of discountson JVC’s repair service. Viewing its color performance (camcorderinfo.com), I heard that the Everio GZ-MG505 produces a nice and clear image, but with a neon (over-saturated) color reproduction. Good image with one side effect – the colors are not accurate.

      I’ve heard of filters that will polarize and increase saturation levels. Are there any video filters available that will decrease the saturation level with the apropriate size for my camcorder.

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      You can play with in-camera settings. Go by your scopes in post and simply reduce chroma as required… or per your taste. As long as it’s not blooming out of your camera, you’ll be fine.

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      I actually haven’t started shooting yet. From the review, I heard that the whites were blowing out (particularly in bright white) – color information is lost to some degree. Great advice, though. Recording it as it is and fixing it in post probably won’t createany noticeable problems. The camcorder does not have any on-camera color settings.

      I did want to see, however, if such a mechanical gadget exists. It soundssimple to be able to Google and find a camera filter that de-saturates colors – I was wrong there.

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