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      The review in the January issue says that 16×9 mode on the TRV22 just adds black bars and doesn’t stretch the display to yield a true anamorphic frame.

      Maybe the newer sony’s are different, but my TRV18 produces a (tall skinny) anamorphic image when played back on a 4:3 TV, the image is however letterboxed in the viewfinder, and when played on a 16:9 display, the image is correct.

      Now the Sony doesn’t have an anamorphic lens, so it isn’t going to be able to use the full resolution of the CCD of course, but it does stretch the middle section of the image vertically so that it is full frame anamorphic video.

      As an FYI, I also read an article that compared picture quality between anamorphic 16:9 and 4:3 video on camcorders that found that a little better reproduction than you might expect with fewer vertical lines of resolution in 16:9 mode apparently because there isn’t as much image going onto the DV tape so it doesn’t need to be compressed so much.

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