DCC-L50B and PD-170

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      I am trying to establish wheather or not the following 12v charger is compatible with the PD170

      I have checked out the specs and they are Identical to the DC charger.
      8.4v and 1.7 amps (plug is also identical)
      The (useless) response from Sony is:
      This is a professional camcorder, therefore the charger which is from a consumer product will not work.

      That tells me diddly squat.
      If anyone can help, that would be great

      I see this charger is being sold as an accessory on quite a few sites with the PD-170

      Thanks all

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      If this product is sold by B&H (bhphotovideo.com), their techs are easy to get on the phone (except Saturday) and typically helpful on such issues. You may have to ask for a repeat due to New Yawk accent.

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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