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      Has anyone tried this thing and would you recommend it?

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      Way back I tried a Dazzle video capture card & program – It didn’t work too well.

      What are you trying to do?

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      I tried on like ten or more years ago to try and download some VHS tapes via the RCA connections. I didn’t have good results either.

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      nevart, if what you are trying to do is convertanalog VHS to digital and produce a DVD, I have used an old Sony digital 8 camcorder (DCR-TRV730)which allows analog input and records to digital 8 tape. From there I import to my NLE and output to DVD, utube etc. I’ve had this camcorder for a long time so I did’t have to purchase anything but you could probably find one cheap (ebay, craigslist). If you already have a NLE that you are familiar with, you won’t have another learning curve.

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      I have captured old analog footage in the past by using my old Sony HC40 as a passthrough D/A converter (it allowed you to do this).

      More recently, I have a combo VCR/DVD recorder/player that lets me copy VHS tapes to DVD literally with the push of one button (two more buttons at the end – Menu – Finalize) which I then use in my NLE – either just copy the VOB files or read in the DVD like one recorded on a camera. I can also hook up composite or S-video and audio inputs and record from there (from my old Hi-8 camera).

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      I agree with birdcat the best way is to use a 8mm camcorder to play the tape better a Hi8 camcoder to output in SVHS and obtain the maximum quality from the tape but you cannot obtain more quality in ouput than the quality store in your 8mm tape. I usewhen I make itthe Pinnaclecapture box and Studio 11. The final resultwas good on 32 inches TV (is little better than VHS quality about 275 lines) Naturally if you output on 50 inches screenTV chances are the quality not meet your specification. With software you can edit add transition, music, good titles and effects may bean animation from guys or websiteselling these.

      Attention old tape show degration with time this affect the image quality. Check your procedure with few tapes before to invest time and money.



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