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      I found this cheap USB 2.0 capture device and would like your opinion whether I should buy it or not. I’m not really interested in the DVD authoring capabilities (I already have a high-end DVD solution), but rather in the editing capabilites of the system. MPEG 1/2 is a lousy format for editing and post-processing, I hate it.
      These are the product specs:
      -Analog video in: Composite, S-Video (PAL)
      -Capture resolution: 720 x 576 (PAL)
      -Frames per second: up to 30
      -Analog audio in: RCA, stereo
      -Hardware compression: no
      -Included cable: no
      -Included software: Pinnacle Studio QuickStart 9
      What I’m most worried about is the flicker (which is quite a problem currently with my Avertv Studio) – I capture from good analog sources ( S-VHS and Hi-8 ) and would like a clear, crisp picture. I personally don’t have a very good opinion on these USB capture devices and would rather go for an internal PCI board, like Pinnacle Studio AV/DV 9 (this is my best option so far, but I don’t have the money yet), but there’s something I have to do ASAP and I have no decent capture device (just an Avermedia Avertv Studio) and wouldn’t like to pay smb. else to capture the material.
      Regards, Mike

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      I have just tested a similar device, Dazzle Digital Video Creator 150 (DVC150) – its specs are here http://www.pinnaclesys.com/ProductPage_n.asp?Product_ID=1426&Langue_ID=10 – the NTSC version. It was a pleasant surprise: full CCIR resolution (720×480) at 30 fps and a bitrate of 6 MBps (well sustained by my WD Caviar JB drives), and no flicker whatsoever nor framedrops.
      If I find the PAL version, I’ll buy it.
      I also got an offer of a Pinnacle Miro DC10+ board (you must know it), quite a bargain (150 euro). It’s much better quality than the Dazzle (duh!) but I hear they have stability and driver issues under Windows XP.
      I’m still in doubt, if anyone can help I’d appreciate it.

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      I went for quality, quit playing around with those USB devices and got a Pinnacle Studio AV/DV 9 http://www.pinnaclesys.com/docloader_n.asp?templ=10&doclink=/WebVideo/studioavdvversion9/English(UK)/doc/avdv_features_specs_2.html&Product_ID=2050&Langue_ID=2&loc=spec&division_id=.

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