day at the zoo video. Enjoy

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      Hi Luke –

      Let me be the first to say WONFERFUL. A couple of minor things (which I’ll keep to myself) but LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of where you were.

      It is very encouraging to see someone who takes the tough seeming criticisms and LEARNS from them – applying them to future work!


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      @birdcat, please feel free to send me the minor things. I’m looking to learn more.


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      @Luke – OK – 3 things:

      1) Audio @ 0:06 – 0:12 needs major work or re-recording – Consider using some b-roll and just recording voiceover at home.

      2) Closing credits – Always best to end with a blank screen -You can freeze frame, just fade to black when done.

      3) Cuts were good but could be more precise (downbeat of music)

      Minor things in comparison to your first one – EXCELLENT progress on your part.

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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      Hi, Luke… I agree with Birdcat, nicely done. the shots were clean and well composed. I have only two items to add to Birdcats. At :06, like he said, you can’t here your on-location introduction because the water fountain behind is competing too much with the voice. But I like the scene as an “opening” to your video. A trick to try next time you want a wide shot is to get yourself and the camera farther away from the noise source, then set the camera as wide as possible, and position yourself closer to the camera, but in the left or right third of the frame. Then you’re still doing your “stand-up”, you still see the scene behind you, and you’ll be able to hear the voice track better because you’re closer and away form competing noise.

      The other thing I’d mention is when you’re editing, to fade the “wild” sound, [natural sound on the tape], between shots so they don’t end as abruptly as at :49. We hear a kid start to scream, then it’s bluntly cut off. Also, around the same, you have a lot of shots without natural sound, then this one with the lion pops in with the wild sound, so think about being a bit more consistent.

      I loved the shot right after your standup with the two people consulting a map – and their voices are heard very clearly. This gives a nice feeling of the adventure about to begin. Really nice photo work – keep it up!

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      Hi Luke! Appreciated much the video, the shots are very clean and organize, Keep up the good work!

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      @birdcat – thanks for the feedback and areas of improvement. It was my first video edit moving from Movie Maker to Premiere and a voice over didn’t cross my mind for that opening scene… Will next time though. At the end, do you mean not using a roll and just a blank screen with words? Or after the roll, go to a blank screen? I agree on the edits, I’m still learning how to make better edits in Premiere and I will get better.

      @Jennifer, thanks for the notes. I will try your tip about being further away, I also just purchased a shot gun mic so i will try that as well πŸ™‚ I was learning how to use the ‘write’ feature on Premiere’s audio mixer for fading in and out. Kind of hard with one mouse and two channels to control at the same time in opposite directions! I was focusing on the music as the main piece with fade ins of a few of the sound captured on video i.e. the lion turns around and the kids yell. I have to learn how to fade individual audio pieces. The tutorial I watched used the mixer.

      @Andrew, thank you!

      Positive praise feels good guys.

      A vision, the rule of thirds, and action,


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      At the end, do you mean not using a roll and just a blank screen with words? Or after the roll, go to a blank screen?

      When I watched, the credit scroll stopped and cut to black. I think it would be better if you let the scroll continue until all words have left the screen and then fade to black.

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      I’m not a pro by any stretch of the imagination. But I know what I like and I like you video.

      If it were 30 seconds long it would make an excellent commercial for your zoo. You should

      be proud of your work.

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