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      I have noticed that even when I shoot video with date/time ‘stamp’ on and I playback the scene that the date and time can be seen (on the camcorders screen) HOWEVER when I ‘capture’ the video to PC (hard disk using Ulead VideoStudio) the date/time has disappeared from the captured video. Is this normal? Is it possible to capture the date/time when transferring from camera to PC?
      I have a Panasonic NV-DS11 digital camcorder.

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      I’m not familiar with your camcorder, but I might make a guess here based on how my camcorder functions.

      My guess is the date/time you’re seeing in your camcorder’s screen is simply a convenience on the display itself. For example, my camcorder will show the date and time, if I so desire, on the LCD display or in the viewfinder, but will NOT stamp the date/time on the video itself unless I set it that way.

      But let me ask a stupid question here: Are you sure the date/time you’re seeing on the camcorder’s screen DURING PLAYBACK is the date/time you shot the video? Or is it the the CURRENT date/time?

      Check your camcorder’s users manual for date/time display and date/time stamp. I’m not an expert, but I have to believe that if you’ve indeed stamped the date/time display on the video itself, it will capture along with the shot video.

      Here’s another thought. Check your camcorder’s manual regarding timecode striping on the tape itself. This is digital coding on the tape used “invisibly” by video editing programs during capture and other functions from digital tape.

      Personally I find all this date/time stuff confusing while shooting video: what you see in the display versus what you see on the tape can be entirely different things. Again, your camcorder’s documentation should help.

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      Thanks for your reply which came so quickly.
      I have got the date/time set ON to be recorded and when I play back video recorded it shows the date/time when the scenes were recorded NOT the current date/time.
      It is very puzzling.

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      Very puzzling indeed. I’m sorry, but at this point, I’m out of ideas. If the date/time is in fact recorded on the video itself, I am absolutely clueless as to why it’s not on the captured video. Perhaps someone else could shed more light on this.

      Good luck, and sorry.

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