Date Time Stamping in (Modern) Video Cameras

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      Hi all,

      This is probably an old topic.

      I find it mystifying that inexpensive video “traffic recorders” (1980×1080 HD) offer (VIDEO) time stamping (date, hour, min, secs)….whereas modern video cameras don’t. (Tape based cams of 20-30 years ago did).

      I use a traffic recorder (150 degree wide angle) for law enforcement which is fine for close proximity, but useless for covert stand-off work. My Canon SX40HS is superb for long range capture (300m)….but only time stamps photos….even though it shoots HD video.

      My question to all the gurus: which video cameras DO offer time stamping ? I am not looking for elapsed time, simply current date & time (including seconds).


      Mike @ CyberEditing

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