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      Here’s a great music video by Aussie artist, Nick Roy. It involves live action, 3D animation and 2D image replacements.

      Dangerous Game

      Nick Roy is performing onstage when an evil man with a voodoo doll
      starts toying with him. Striking the doll with needles our singer is
      launched into uncontrollable spasms. When the evil man is uncovered, he
      throws the doll away, sending Nick flying with it to a bar top. They
      stand, dust themselves off and begin a dance routine before launching
      into the streets of Melbourne on a dance tour.

      A fun video shot on a Sony EX1 and edited with Final Cut Pro.
      Compositing and grading was completed in Adobe After Effects with the
      3D work completed in Maya.

      Director/DOP: Dave Hawkins

      Producer: Michael Ciccone

      Editor/Compositor: Nick Calpakdjian

      3D Animator: Nicolas Stein

      Graphic Design: Simon Imrei

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