DANGER Will Robinson, Senate Approaching!

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      Here’s something making the rounds that you guys might not be aware of. Those of you who enjoy featuring your special “let’s play” videos and certain other videos on or linked or embedded to YouTube, or any other video hosting site for that matter … particularly videos that use copyright content.

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      well i for one would be hard pressed to argue with legislation to mEDICATE Justin Bieber Fans… but locking them up wilst allowing Beiber himself to remain free, well that is just cruel and unusual punishment for the parents.

      thanx for the heads up hope you guys get that shot down before some Cannuck tries to copy it here in Canuckistan.

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      I know most don’t think stuff like this will pass. Reality is, things on the internet move at lightspeed compared to our good old GOV. Just about anything they could get in place would be half baked and have wet ink.

      Five years and a felony? Heck if they just put a 100 dollar fine on it they could pay off the deficit without having to tax all of us after going through Youtube. πŸ™‚

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      You can be pretty sure this is stemming from the music industry as they are tired of not making all the money they can on the music they sell. Unfortunately, copy right infringement is pretty rampant on YouTube and other video and music sites.

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      Can’t we just fine & imprison congress?

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      If we imprison them then we will be paying their room and board for doing nothing… Hmmm..Maybe paying them for not working is not such a bad idea.

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      If we only had to pay for their room & board (and all of their staffers as well) we’d still save billions per day!

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      I thought we were paying them to do nothing, or at least nothing that is good for the country.

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